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furnace inspection

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Are you hearing strange rumbles coming from your furnace? What could it mean? After all, the heater is critical in keeping your home warm and comfortable in the winter months.

Fortunately, there are a few potential causes for a rumbling furnace. By understanding the common causes, you can take the proper steps to ensure your safety and your household before calling for professional furnace repair. Below are the common reasons for heater noises:

Bangs and Booms at the Start of the Cycle

If you have recently switched on your heater and heard an unexpected bang or boom, it could mean you have a defective ignitor. An ignitor is a small device that helps to start up the combustion process in your heater, and when it is not working correctly, it can cause a loud noise. 

In some cases, a defective ignitor can also cause the flame in your heater to be unstable or to flicker. In other cases, the ignitor may not be producing enough heat to kickstart the combustion process, which can cause the heater not to start up at all. 

To ensure the safety of your home and family, contact a reputable technician as soon as possible. A qualified technician can diagnose and repair the problem quickly and efficiently, ensuring that your heater runs safely and optimally.

Sometimes, the loud bang or boom you hear may be caused by a simple issue, such as a dirty air filter or clogged ducts. In this case, the technician can easily clean or replace the filter or vents, and the issue will be resolved.

Intermittent Banging and Booming

Ensuring your home’s heating system is optimally functioning is essential as winter approaches. It should be addressed if you hear intermittent banging and booming from your heater. The noise is likely an indication that something is wrong, and it is best to have it examined by a professional furnace repair technician. 

Your heater is a complex system with many moving parts that must be in sync to operate correctly. Attempting to self-diagnose the issue and meddle with the components can be dangerous and potentially cause further damage. Accredited technicians have the knowledge and experience to determine if this is a ductwork issue and make the necessary repairs. 

The most important reason to call a professional is to avoid costly repairs in the future. If the underlying problem is not addressed, it can lead to more severe issues requiring more expensive repairs. It is also crucial to note that some heater repair tasks require special safety equipment and tools that may not be available to the average homeowner. 

High-Pitched Squeal

If you hear a high-pitched squealing from your heater, it is likely a sign of an airflow issue. It often indicates that the air filter needs to be changed or that the blower motor may need to be serviced. 

Cleaning the air filter is an easy and effective way to get rid of that annoying squealing noise and improve your furnace’s efficiency. This solution is a simple process that only takes a few minutes. However, if this will not fix the problem, you must call a professional furnace repair technician.


It is essential to leave furnace repairs to qualified technicians. They are equipped with the necessary knowledge and experience to handle the job and are also aware of the risks involved. They can ensure the safety of your family and property. Moreover, attempting a DIY repair can be expensive and time-consuming and may even cost you more money in the long run. 

If you need a technician who offers furnace repair in Oshawa, you have to turn to Fortis Heating & Air Conditioning. We will efficiently and safely fix the root cause of the problem so that you and your loved ones remain comfortable and safe. If you hear any of the telltale signs, contact us right away!

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